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Berryville Public Schools
Administrative Office: 211 Ferguson Street
Mail: 902 W. Trimble Ave
Berryville, Arkansas 72616
Phone: 1-870-423-7065
Fax: 1-870-423-6824
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Administrator , Administrator
Network Administrator
ewallace@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Public Schools
Bree Adams
Adams, Bree
Elementary Librarian
badams@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Henry Adams Adams, Henry
Para-Pro ISS
hadams@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Bryce Albertson
Albertson, Bryce
8th Grade Language & Reading
balbertson@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Larissa Allen
Allen, Larissa
K-12 Gifted and Talented
lallen@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Larissa Allen
Allen, Larissa
K-5 G/T
lallen@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Donnel Armstrong
Armstrong, Donnel
9-12 Assistant Principal
darmstrong@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Public Schools
Mahalie Armstrong Armstrong, Mahalie
Para-Pro Literacy
marmstrong@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Tiffaney Atkinson
Atkinson, Tiffaney
tatkinson@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Derrek Aynes Aynes, Derrek
MS/HS Teacher
daynes@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Whitley Backs Backs, Whitley
K2 Teacher
wbacks@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Emily Bell
Bell, Emily
5th Grade Teacher
ebell@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Kerry Bishop
Bishop, Kerry
CBI - Life Skills
kbishop@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Michelle Blevins
Blevins, Michelle
1st Grade Teacher
mblevins@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Katie Blubaugh Blubaugh, Katie
kblubaugh@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Russell Borland
Borland, Russell
6th Grade Teacher
rborland@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Britney Bradley
Bradley, Britney
3-5 SPED
bbradley@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Justin Bramall
Bramall, Justin
An. Science I, II, Ag. Metals, Structures, Ag. Mechanics, Ag. Business Marketing
jbramall@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Erin Brewer
Brewer, Erin
ebrewer@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Beth Ann Broeker
Broeker, Beth Ann
Elem. Cafe. Staff
bbroeker@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
David Broseus Broseus, David
Jr. Boys, MS, Sr. Boys
dbroseus@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Tammy Brown Brown, Tammy
Algebra I & II and Pre AP
tbrown@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Tara Browning Browning, Tara
K2 Teacher
tbrowning@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Dyllan Candelaria Candelaria, Dyllan
HS Civics/Coach
dcandelaria@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Candace Carpenter
Carpenter, Candace
Para-Pro CBI
ccarpenter@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Jamie Casey
Casey, Jamie
ALE Parapro
jcasey@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Melanie Cash
Cash, Melanie
mcash@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Melanie Cash
Cash, Melanie
mcash@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Brenda Champlin
Champlin, Brenda
Counselor Secretary
bchamplin@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Melissa Chapin
Chapin, Melissa
Cafe. Staff
mchapin@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Bill Clark Clark, Bill
bclark@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Public Schools
Bridgette Clark
Clark, Bridgette
K2 Cafe
bclark2@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Joanna Coatney
Coatney, Joanna
Distance Learning
jcoatney@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Monica Colbert
Colbert, Monica
Pre AP Geometry, Statistics
mcolbert@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Kristen Cole
Cole, Kristen
6th Grade Math
kcole@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Judy Coleman Coleman, Judy
jcoleman@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Brent Compton Compton, Brent
HS Boys Basketball/Athletics
bcompton@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Brent Compton Compton, Brent
Boys Basketball/Athletics
bcompton@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Colette Cook-Tabor
Cook-Tabor, Colette
ESL Teacher
ctabor@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Annette Cormack
Cormack, Annette
Yearbook Journalism, APEX
acormack@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Daniel Cornelison Cornelison, Daniel
Coach and PE
dcornelison@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Auston Crow
Crow, Auston
3rd grade teacher
acrow@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Caitlin Crow
Crow, Caitlin
2nd Grade Teacher
ccrow@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Katie Crow
Crow, Katie
5th grade Teacher
kcrow@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Charlie Crowder
Crowder, Charlie
Pre AP Biology
ccrowder@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Brenda Currie Currie, Brenda
bcurrie@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Mike Currie Currie, Mike
mcurrie@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Candace Curtis
Curtis, Candace
2nd Grade Teacher
ccurtis@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Chelsea Curtis
Curtis, Chelsea
4th Grade Teacher
ccurtis3@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Cody Curtis
Curtis, Cody
8th Soc.St./Health/PE/7th & 8th Athletics
ccurtis2@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Joey Curtis Curtis, Joey
Jr. & Sr. Athletics, PE, Health
jcurtis@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville High School
Kandra Davis
Davis, Kandra
K-2 Counselor
kdavis@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
Leonda Davis
Davis, Leonda
6th Grade Math
ldavis@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Janie DeAnda
DeAnda, Janie
4th Grade ESL
jdeanda@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Jennifer DePew
DePew, Jennifer
jdepew@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Jennifer DePew DePew, Jennifer
Intermediate Nurse
jdepew@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Public Schools
Emily Dignan Dignan, Emily
4th grade teacher
edignan@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Emily Dignan Dignan, Emily
Intermediate Teacher
edignan@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Intermediate
Brittany Dorsey Dorsey, Brittany
MS Cafe
bdorsey@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Middle School
Renea Doss
Doss, Renea
Special Education
rdoss@bobcat.k12.ar.usBerryville Elementary
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